Building your Semi-Autonomous Company with Humans & Technology

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Here's what we can do for you

Get all your jobs & processes remarkably done

Build a full automation system for your entire business

We take a holistic approach to automation; a unified entity rather than a collection of isolated technologies. We focus on the big picture and enable entrepreneurs to see both the forest and the trees, understanding how technoligies work together to increase efficiencies and boost productivity across your entire business.

Our consultants and developers will audit your processes, calculate the potential ROI from automation, select the right technology, and build the automation system to work for you 24/7.

Build a full automation system for your entire business

Optimize one or more business processes

Want to speed up, streamline, and boost the efficiency of your operations? Let us analyze your current processes, identify bottlenecks, cut down on friction, and plan improvements.

With our blend of business, operational, and technological know-how, we'll craft a personalized roadmap for optimizing your processes. Next, we'll develop a dedicated solution so you could achieve your business goals with less hustle.

Optimize one or more business processes

Automate a single manual workflow with robots

Are you facing daily boring battles such as processing thousands of paper documents and / or other different formats, integrating hundreds of data points?

Let us understand your need and we'll use the precise robots to make it happen for you. We thrive on last-minute assignments!

Automate a single manual workflow with robots

Build and fully automate the Analytics & Reporting system

Are you always in need of specific reports & key insights for your strategic and daily operational decisions, but you never have them on hand or it takes days to have them ready?

We take care of the entire reporting process, from data extraction automation from your systems, preparing the information, to creating clear and beautiful dashboards in powerful analytics tools like Qlik or PowerBI.

Build and fully automate the Analytics & Reporting system

Ready in weeks, not months & months, not years

Some business processes we can automate for you

Direct interface between any systems in your company

(eg. CRM to ERP, or ERP to Invoicing / Accounting Software) => no more manual copy-paste from one system to another.

Data entry in any system

from Excel, Word, PDFs like Invoices, Delivery Notes, Packing Lists, Offers, Orders, etc.

Invoice processing

from documents to ERPs and Accounting systems, including correlations with Purchase Orders.

Bank Statement Reconciliation & Payments Processing

automatically reconcile payments & income with invoices.

Offers creation and optimization

we help you automatically create offers for your customers with high degrees of customization and optimization to maximize the conversion rates.

Order processing and shipping notifications.

Inventory and supply management.

Expense management.

Employee or partner onboarding.

Any business process you could imagine…

Industries we optimize with automations

An automation is most useful for businesses where employees perform a high volume of repeatable tasks, freeing up their time to work on more value-driving tasks.

Distribition & Sales

Distribition & Sales





Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Construction Materials

Construction Materials

Furniture & Home Deco

Furniture & Home Deco

Average ROI from a single automation.
Months amortization for most automations.
Successful implementations.
Years of experience.

Step by step

How does it work?

Intro call

Set up a call with our CEO and make us aware of your business model & processes, current operational hurdles, and what goals you have in mind for automation.

1 day

Process mapping and selection

We'll map and evaluate together the processes to find the most valuable ones. If you're not sure about a particular process, we'll review them all and pinpoint the one automation that will make the most substantial impact.

3-5 days

Simplification and optimization

First we’ll propose a simplified version of the process and optimize it. Based on it we’ll prepare the technical specifications for your approval.

5-7 days

Estimation and offer

Following the successful testing of your processes for automation suitability, we'll proceed to scope your processes. It means estimating the time, budget and other resources required, as well as projecting the potential ROI from automation.


Automation development

Here comes the best part. We'll develop your custom solutions with the use of exciting technologies like RPA, AI and much more! Then we'll seamlessly integrate the solutions into your business, making sure your team is guided step by step on how to use it.

From a few days to a few weeks.

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Why you need to automate your processes?

Harness the full power of automations and transform your business into a productivity machine.

Enhance Efficiency & Maximize your Team's Productivity

Get more done in less time, boost productivity, and cut down operating costs so that you can focus on maximizing profits. Free your employees from repetitive and monotonous tasks, and guide their focus towards more impactful, high-value activities.

Speed up your Processes

Guarantee precision and consistency in your data, making your processes faster than ever.

Better Asset Utilization

By delivering faster and more efficiently, you can get more out of your current assets and production capabilities.

Fast ROI

Most automation investments have amortizations <12 months and already generate profits from the second year of use.

Minimize Errors

Eliminate human errors and develop processes with predictable and measurable results for a superior quality delivery.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Access audit logs effortlessly for each transaction, enhance transparency and accountability in your operations, and ensure compliance with legal systems specific to your locality and industry.

Enable Scalability

Put your company on the fast track of growth by removing bottlenecks and avoiding growth blockers such as extensive data management or team communication challenges.

Enable New Digital Business Models

By having a semi-autonomous company, you open up new opportunities through digital business models.

What task or repetitive business process do you need to automate?

What task or repetitive business process do you need to automate?