Automations with a mix of entrepreneurship & corporate


Omnissimo was created as a tech startup having the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs build semi-autonomous companies, empowering them to create more value and impact with less time, effort, and sacrifices. We believe the traditional way of managing businesses and operations is outdated and way too inefficient.

Semi-autonomous companies are the next generation of businesses - agile, lean, highly effective, and resource-efficient, where people focus on high-value activities, while the robots handle the daily mundane tasks. This is achieved by a blend of modern, hyper-personalized business management systems and AI-integrated operations.


Manifesto / Remarkably for all

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, time is a precious resource, and pursuing corporate quality often comes at a steep cost. At Omnissimo, we stand as innovators, committed to providing entrepreneurs with the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency: automation that guarantees corporate quality at a fraction of the traditional costs and implementation time. Omnissimo means "remarkably for all" because we stand for all entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs seek simplicity, control, and scalability and that's what we promise to deliver in weeks instead of months and months instead of years. Join us in redefining the entrepreneurial landscape, where the right automations make us better humans, and build confidence and success.

The founder / Vlad Ungureanu

Passionate and driven entrepreneur with well balanced corporate & entrepreneurial experience, focused on using technology to solve the hard, generational problems. I dedicate myself to high positive impact projects and I believe entrepreneurship is key in solving educational, health-care and general society problems.

In my last 2 years in the corporate world, I led the Digital Transformation of Holcim Romania group, by integrating new technologies in all areas of the business, simplifying work and developing digital competencies.

Before that, I co-founded & led StartCasa for 4 years, as part of Holcim group, a tech-driven startup focused on democratizing the access to interior design services through a market network of tech-enabled designers, delivering 4x more value (2x faster at 2x better prices) with our Collaboration Platform & AI Product Finder.

In my free time, I love mentoring young entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages, through educational programs like Entrepreneurship Academy, Aspire Academy & YoungPreneur.

The founder / Vlad Ungureanu

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